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Blueline Medic - A Typical Observation Fansite

A few recommended links.

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The Jackals - Melbourne's answer to The Brian Wilson Band!

Aus Music Scrapbook

Virus Films

Official Blueline Medic Site

(((Caustic Soda)) - Unofficial site

Buy Caustic Soda's "bleak youngkid dis-knowledge" here!

Buy Caustic Soda's "Femalevolence" here!!

Augogo records online

Australian power punk kings Bodjyar - Official Site

The Nation Blue - Official Site

Pessimism Strikes You Cold - Sandpit Fansite

Deakin Uni - pretty good considering I go there, but that's not what the Melbourne Uni kids would tell you.

Stu's SFK site - he's a friend of mine, and its really good!

Casadeldisco Records

Redline Records Australia

Fueled by Ramen Records

My little info site on Reinforced Masonry Construction that I made for Uni this year.

My site on a Steel Transfer Truss - case study at my uni that I made for uni this year (it killed me to make it)