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Blueline Medic - A Typical Observation Fansite

A few things to download. Fun fun fun!!

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Here are a songs and videos from various Blueline Medic and Caustic Soda releases.  Some of the tunes are samples, others are full length songs and clips.  Also, if you want more BLM/Caustic Soda tunes or vids, I suggest you use KaZaA
Also, if you are after Caustic Soda songs in particular, check this page from  They have more or less everything except bleak young kid dis-knowledge. Enjoy - let us know if the links dont work, so i can better update the site your usage.

Blueline Medic - Sleepyhead (Video)

Blueline Medic - Sleepyhead

Blueline Medic - Making the Nouveau Riche (video)

Blueline Medic - Up against the fault

Blueline Medic - Up against the fault (demo)

Blueline Medic - Plight 217

Blueline Medic - Shopping with a cartesain

Blueline Medic - Swan song swan dive

Blueline Medic - Where you are

Caustic Soda - Paper (plain and simple)

Caustic Soda - Typical observation song

Caustic Soda - A road affair

Caustic Soda - Romeo and Juliet (live)

Caustic Soda - Part and parcel

Caustic Soda - Untitled (Unreleased track from Femalevolence recording session)

Caustic Soda - Shuffle and scrape

Caustic Soda - Same ending, different story

Caustic Soda - Reason being

Caustic Soda - The Actor

Caustic Soda - Welcome to Dumpsville, population, YOU!! (demo)

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