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Last Updated
Monday 21st March 2005
Gigs and Discography Sections updated
As of February 28th 2005, the Spilt EP is out - Blueline Medic and Ted Leo and The Pharmacists! Includes new BLM tracks and a selection of previous Ted Leo tracks.  Should be available from all good record stores or from Casa Del Disco Records.  As always, please sign the guestbook, chat about crap in the forum and vote for your favourite song.  Also, if any has any photos from any recent gigs (particularly the Caustic Soda reunion show) please send them in!!
Monday 24th January 2005
Just to let you know that Donnie Dureau will be playing a solo accoustic show at the Rob Roy Hotel in Melbourne this Australia Day (Wednesday 26th January) at 4.30pm sharp.  Be there or be square! 
Friday 7th January 2005
Happy New Year Everybody! - Check Gigs section for regional performances!!
Thursday 23rd December 2004
I just found out that Blueline Medic are moving into the Casadeldisco condo with a sexy little split e.p with Ted Leo and The Pharmacists.  This EP is planned for a early 2005 release.  Thanks to Drew Hammond for that little piece of info!
Tuesday 21st December 2004
Lyrics + Articles Sections Updated
- Remember to send in your hot-off-the-press stuff on BLM or Caustic Soda - We are doing a "thingy to see if anyone has anything to contribute to the site to make it better and more rellevant for the user" - so, send me comments to - don't be shy, you know you want to!
Saturday 13th November 2004
Gigs Section Updated
Some very special news has come my way, rumour is fact - Caustic Soda will be doing a one-off reunion show at The Arthouse Hotel (none other, of course) on Christmas Eve (Friday 24th December) with very special guests Away From Now and Death In The Family.  This has to be a dream come true, as when Adrian Lombardi was asked back in 2002 about the possibility of a Caustic Soda reunion, he replied politely, "No, never".  Make sure you come along and relive the best of Mid-1990's Melbourne Punk - the best there ever was.
Previous News
Hello everyone, I hope all is well.  Just a quick update: See Multimedia section for more Caustic Soda stuff including a cover of an old Midnight Oil song "Herecules".  Courtesy of  Rumour has it that Donnie may be releasing a solo LP within the next 12 months or so, will keep you posted in this one.  Kudos for Donnie's solo gig at the Preston Hotel, Geelong - Three cheers for the fuckhead in the corner went down a real treat - keep up the good work, and I look forward to more of your work.
Happy New Year everyone!! I hope things are well in your parts of the world.  After much delegation, website finally updated (the first of many updates), and as soon as i get my act together website will have a new face and layout.  But for now, Disography, Gigs, Multimedia and Song Survey updated.
Make sure you vote for Blueline Medic in this years JJJ Hottest 100.  Vote now
Also some other News, Adrian's old band (one of the greats . . .) Mid Youth Crisis are rumoured to be having yet another reunion show (exactly two years after the previous one, which was awesome!) at the Arthouse, Melbourne on 14th Feb with The Nation Blue and Hi End Audio.
I know its been a while, but with summer school, work, play etc. . . Im sure you can all sympathize.  But here is the news, also check the Gigs section for updates.
Blueline Medic return from the studio with a new single and tour. "Sleepyhead" is the first sample of the forthcoming "Text Bomb" album and it will be in stores on Monday 24 February, through Redline Records. The single is backed with two new tracks: the acoustic tune "Ceramic" and a live version of "Shuffle And Scrape" recorded for JJJ. Listen out for the song on radio and watch out for a clip by long-time collaborator, Matt Weston. An initial run of dates have also been scheduled (see gig list), with many more to come as the band builds towards the release of "Text Bomb" in April.

Jan 9th "New.Old.Rare." renewed
The U.S. version of "New.Old.Rare." arrives in stores on Jan 28, thanks to the team at our American label, Fueled By Ramen. While the tracks from Blueline Medic, Midtown and Silent*Corporation (formerly Secondbest) stay the same, Recover have replaced The Movielife.

November 25th is the scheduled re-release for BLM's first EP "A working title in green" courtesy of Redline Records. That should solve the problem for those of you having trouble finding a copy. You can get it at their gigs and hopefully all good record stores soon. Lets hope they get the release date on the set date, not three months later.
After months of waiting for the much anticipated "NEW.OLD.RARE" 12 track split EP with with Movielife (USA), Midtown (USA), and Secondbest has finally released on September the 30th!  The Split will feature new, old, live/rare tracks from the bands, including Blueline Medic's cover of the Tori Amos tune 'These Precious Things' and also a JJJ live track "They'll let you know".  About time!!!
I have recently finished uni for the year, and my radio show along with it. The show was called "Liberation Frequency" and it was of the punk-rock genre. Thanks to everyone who ever listened to one of my five shows and hopefully I can do it all again next year!
Just a small plug for my new site, "The National Anthem", which is a fansite dedicated to Melbournes adoptive sons The Nation Blue.  You can go to it at
I caught BLM on Thursday 25th of July at the Lyric in Geelong, and i must say, hot dang BLM's new material is good!! They have wandered back into the Jawbreaker/Caustic Soda stuff. . which is good!! (Because i wouldnt mind hearing some Caustic Soda being played live . .. ).  Also big cheers to Bodyjar for dedicating "Clones" to me!! You guys are tops!.

I recently picked up Caustic Soda's "Femalevolence" 7" EP !!!!  Thanks heaps to Endre from ((Caustic Soda))  fansite!
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Band Members

Donnie Dureau - Guitars/Vocals
Adrian Lombardi - Guitars
Dave Snow - Bass
Shaun Lohoar - Drums

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