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A bit of info about the former bands, side projects, etc. . .

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Caustic Soda **
3 piece guitar/bass/drum rock n roll band with a noisy pop sound. The songs are generally fairly throwaway in nature and I'll bet they own a few Hard Ons and Cosmic Psychos records

Probably in the eyes of those fortunate enough to see them perform would say they made some of the most soul gripping performances ever. They formed in 1994 with Donnie Dureau (guitar/vocals) and Jeremy McMahon(Bass/vocals) who were school friends at the time.  They met Lachlan Hodgson (Drums/vocals) through Jeremy's cousins, who were looking for a drummer.  It was Missing Link Records in Melbourne who can claim that they indirectly led to the formation of Caustic Soda.  Donnie had some songs ready before they had their first proper rehersal, but to see if they could play, they played a Face to Face song called "I Want".  With that out of the way, they went on to bigger and better things.
The band was very much punk with an indie edge to it, with vocals about every little detail in life, sung with such emotion deep with a dark and brooding feel.  Some of the their influences include Propaghandi, Midnight Oil, The Cure and Fugazi but most notably was their affinity with American punks Jawbreaker.

They gained a loyal following, by playing with bands such as Area 7, Crettins Puddle, One Inch Punch and Game Over. But more notably touring with the Summersault festival (Jawbreaker, Pavement, Beastie Boys, Foo Fighters) and The Vans Warped Tour  with the likes of Bodyjar, Unwritten Law and Blink 182. Later in 1998, Adrian Lombardi from Mid Youth Crisis joined the band to play rhythm guitar soon after his own (Mid youth crisis) fell through. Soon after the band became Blueline Medic. Lachlan Hodgson left Blueline Medic after recording "A working title in green" (early 2000) and went on to teaching percussion at various schools and to manage Adelaide Emo kids Thinktank.  Lachlan was replaced By Shaun Lohar from Pollyanna to play drums under the Blueline Medic banner.   After Jeremy left the band, he started a low key group called "Rushmore".
To this day, Caustic Soda have been respected and known as one of Melbourne's best kept secrets which inspired people to start bands and existing bands to keep playing.


Pollyanna was formed in 1994 by Matt Handley (Guitar/vocals), Rayke Stapleton (bass) and Serge Luca (Drums). They were known for there pure pop, straight up and down rock 'n' roll. After going through a string of drummers, Shaun Lohoar, who had been a band friend since 1995, played in Pollyanna between November 1999 and October 2000.

After the split of Pollyanna (Rayke Stapleton married Darren from Ben Folds Five and moved to the US with him) they reformed in July 2001 to put out a new album and to continue their beloved rock mania.

Mid Youth Crisis

Formed in late 1993, originaly under the name of "Downfall", the band changed their name to "One Inch Punch" in 1994, then later changing it in 1997 to "Mid Youth Crisis". They hail from Melbourne being a punk/hardcore band playing with the likes of Caustic Soda and Bodyjar. Their sound was very much remiscient of the earlier Bodyjar sound, that is of tight power punk.  The band also started there own record label called "Lifetime" so that they could put out there releases, which in the current day are much sought after. 

They have also supported many of their US counterparts like No Fx, No Use for Name and recently Sex Pistols, No Fun At All and Lagwagon. Also they have played Push Over '95 and at the Melbourne Big Day Out '96. The band played one last show at the Corner Hotel in Melboure, November, 1998.  However the band played two awe inspiring re-union shows in 2002, on the 15th and 16th of Febuaray at the Arthouse in Melbourne.  Punters travelled from afar as Sydney and Adelaide to see this legendary power punk/hardcore band.  After four years of being defunct they played one of the best shows the fair city of Melbourne has seen in years.  

Blueline's guitarist Adrian Lombardi heralded from the now defunct five piece Melbourne punk band.

The Bradshaw Figure

I actually don't know that much about them, but as I understand it they were an indie rock group with a sweet, melodic taste about them. Blueline Medic's Bassist, Dave Snow, was formerley a member of The Bradshaw Figure.


This was Jeremy McMahon's band after he left Caustic Soda, which soon changed to Blueline Medic.  I havent heard any of their songs and i cant find any history on them.  Not much good this bit here then.