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Blueline Medic - A Typical Observation Fansite

Just a bit of history for everyone


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Blueline Medic formed in Melbourne around mid 1999, featuring Guitarist/vocalist Donnie Dureau who arrived from Caustic Soda, a moody aspiring punk outfit and guitarist Adrian Lombardi whilst being a part of Caustic for a short time, also played as part of the well-oiled machine known as One Inch Punch. An aggressive and compelling act, they later became known as Mid Youth Crisis. Lachlan Hodgson, also from Caustic Soda, was the late departed drummer. Bassist Dave Snow, formerly of the sweet-sounding, igmatic and soulful The Bradshaw Figure. They were initially completed.

Around late 1999, they released their first 4-track EP on Sony records, "A Working Title In Green", which ironically enough, a few months later they were dropped by Sony as Donnie puts it, "They were trimming back the leaves, so to speak.", the playstation revolution seems to have taken over, and unfortunately the band were in the way. Also the band was in need of a new drummer, (apparently Roland drum machines aren't good enough . . .). In July 2000, Shaun Lohar, or better known as Chirpy, his most recent project, Pollyanna, was best known for its straight-up-and-down rock-and-roll. But Chirpy has also played in Knieval, Rail, Favourite Game and Mars Bastards to name but a few! He is now the permanent drummer.
Fortunately Blueline Medic was signed to Fueled By Ramen in 2000, an American independent label (home of The Impossibles and Recover - check 'em out), for whom they recorded their debut album, "The Apology Wars" at the famed Inner Ear studio in Washington D.C. with producer J. Robbins. They
also toured the United States with the likes of River City High, Hot Water Music, Burning Airlines and Samiam and plan to return there later this year.

Fueled By Ramen licenced "The Apology Wars" to the independent label Redline Records for release in Australia. Members set up this record label from the Australian group Jebediah. Redline is also home to Jimmy Eat World and Big Heavy Stuff.

Many words have been used to describe Blueline Medic's music. There have been stylistic labels used such as "emo", "indie" and "rock". Comparisons have been made with slow rock/angst experts Something For Kate and emotional rock of The Get Up Kids. Their sound is a unique one. On one occasion Donnie said in response to this, "That tense feel, I like having it. We don't like experiencing it in everyday life, but we like having that intensity in our music."

Blueline Medic use two guitars, a bass and a drum to make music that is textured and passionate, where invigorating tunes are allied with incisive lyrics. Their songs may make you cut loose. Their songs may make you think about certain elements in your life, whether it be from fiction or from experience. Each of the bands, which the members were a part of, attacked the rock genre on a different front. For Blueline Medic, the members simply want to explore all the different elements of music they enjoy, be able to play, and rock on!

Take what you want from it, because thats all thats really needed.